On Halloween day, our interactive light show features a spooky, but not scary, graveyard scene with custom-made tombstones, ghosts and skeletons. Rolling fog, simulated lightening, and a touch of black light rounds out a family-friendly show you can walk in the middle of.

All of our songs are fun, and friendly for young kids, however it may be a bit spooky. If it is, let us know, and we can turn on some lights to make it less spooky.

For the entire month of December, Our show runs daily from 5:00pm until 10pm. We have music playing very low, so you can get out of your car and watch, or stay warm and tune your FM radio to 104.9 and listen.

We run a mix of classic and modern songs that we feel represents the season to us. Joy, love and family. Our show is non-religious, and wish you the best of times during this season.

We do not take donations, however if you are feeling generous, we support the Fu*K Caner initiative (Yes the name is crude, but this is the official Deadpool charity). as close family member have passed away from colon Cancer (You’ll always be in our hearts Jon Smith) and Megan’s father has been battling it multiple times.