The Software

We build and run all of our shows in open-source software. The shows are sequenced in xLights , and the show runs on Falcon Player (FPP) via a Raspberry Pi.

xLights is fairly easy to use, visual timeline editor that is similar to doing video editing. You build what your show looks like, add music, then drag-and-drop the effects you want onto a timeline. There are limitless combinations, blending and fades that lets you build the show how you want.

Once the sequence is built, it’s uploaded to the Falcon Player. The Falcon Player (FPP) is a Linux-based operating system, like Android, that runs on a Raspberry Pi. The player controls everyting on the show – when to start, stop, what to play and the actual music playback.

The xLights and Falcon teams provide the core software that a lot of shows run. Without thier dedication and love for all things blinky-flashy, our light show would not be what it is today.

xLights in action

The Lights

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The Music/FM radio

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The Controllers

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Hooking it all together

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