Who Are WE?

Our Show

We started out just before our youngest was born. We saw a video (The re-mastered version is on the right) with a house dancing to the Trans-Siberian Orchestra’s Wizards In Winter. Wanting to do something similar we set off down a path that would consume many months a year…

It started out in 2008 with a handful of lights we found off craigslist some lights we bought, a light controller and a cobbled-together computer from work, but we had a light show that tripped  circuits and had loads of technical issues…

Over the years we slowly added new things, like a single color LED Matrix, then replaced it with a full-color matrix. We also changed from the big clunky computer to a Raspberry pi, different software, controllers – and now we’re 100% LED Pixels that can run in just about any weather.

Halloween Show

Our Halloween show is a spooky-not-scary show that has a lot of fun upbeat songs that the kids like to dance to.

Our yard gets converted into a spooky graveyard with hand-made tombstones, bones, spiderwebs and some spooky spiders.

We then throw on some fog (That usually fogs the entire court), lots of  black lights and make the lights dance!

Take a look of our 2019 show:

Holiday Show

Our holiday show runs non stop from 5-10pm during December. We feature up-beat songs and are working creating a winter wonderland for all to enjoy.

We cycle through about 15 minutes of songs that are randomized.

If you’re driving, tune your radio to 104.9 FM, or get out and press our speaker button and DANCE!

Take a look of our 2019 show: